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GrC 377 Blog Requirements:

  1. Make at least 10 posts throughout the 5 weeks (2 posts per week).
  2. The blog posts are due by Monday at 9 am every week beginning with Monday June 29.
  3. Write at least one paragraph per post.
  4. Include at least 2-3 graphics relating to the content of your blog post.
  5. The subject of your writing should relate to typography, graphic design, printing and/or publishing, and wayfinding/signage.
  6. Throughout the quarter I may send a specific request, asking you to write about a particular subject we're studying in lecture and alb.
  7. Think of design discovery, you're in London, discover!
For example: Study of street signs in London. There are so many different types of street signs and the typography for each neighborhood is different. What typeface categories are used in the signage? Does it evoke a period of time? Take a few photos and post them on your blog.

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